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ARTIST : Ryan Brook

When I was little, did I dream of driving a truck at 4:00 AM for a living? No...Have I made the best of it? Also probably not, to be honest. But this job has made me discover that time of day when most people are sleeping and missing out on the best light--it’s personal because the audience is smaller. Like a great unknown band that I discovered and then I get the privilege of introducing to someone else. Things that are less common are always more interesting to me. 

I feel like I'm cheating by selecting the time of day to photograph. So much is added to any scene with the right light (and I take no credit for that, seeing as the sun has been rising since before I was even born I’m told). So what I feel most accomplished about is doing it: leaving the house, driving hours to beat the sunrise or sunset, positioning the camera, framing the shot. 

Photography has brought me to all new places, not only far from home but also the place I was born, raised, and live now. I set out with purpose to areas of Long Island that I otherwise wouldn’t. And the best part of all this is my extensive knowledge of where the best egg sandwich is in any five-mile radius. So if you don’t like my photos, at least follow my blog “Bacon, Egg, and Say Cheese” (not a real blog, but that may change).

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