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ARTIST : Bill Lang

I can’t write about myself… I would rather show you a picture, its worth a thousand words, or so “they” say… whoever “they” are.  Passionate about the beauty that surrounds us everyday that sometimes goes unnoticed, I find the need to shoot images that evoke an emotion from both myself and the viewer and share this unparalleled beauty with them, as to how I see the world around us. It is like an art of observation, finding interest for the viewer and myself in the ordinary the things that sometimes are taken for granted or go unseen.


Shooting at an early age with my Kodak Brownie (yes… I’m that old or young, depending on your perspective, and which I still own) I found I could change the way I look at things through a small piece of plastic viewfinder, and translate that with the help of an allowance from my parents, and excitement, to paper prints in about 2 weeks. My how times have changed… a print in two weeks!


I have not lost that excitement to this day, although I no longer get an allowance or have the patience to wait two weeks for anything.  Working as a creative director for an advertising agency, I have the opportunity to create copy, design, illustrations and photography to evoke a similar emotion for a particular client and their needs on a professional level. Past that, on a personal level, I use photography to satisfy my personal needs and to feed my soul.


So let me show you a picture…. Cause “they” say I’m short about 732 words.

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