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ARTIST : Jack Ader

I was always interested in photography.  Growing up it was always my job to take pictures at family outings and events, This is why I do not appear in any family albums. During my high school years I used a very inexpensive film camera and took pictures of animals in the zoo, as well as figuring out how to use my $2.50 cent camera to take pictures through a microscope. 


I attended New York Community College where I studied Graphic Arts and Advertising Technology. My favorite part of the curriculum were the photography classes in both studio and graphics. 


After graduation I went to work for a very large lithographer in New York City.  I was fortunate to work with the Sierra Club, one of our prestigious clients and enjoyed going through their books and photographs by famous photographers. To make extra money I started a wedding photography company with my best friend called Special Occasion Services (we. both kept our day jobs).


Many years later I went to work for Rapoport Printing, another lithographer in the city. Rapoport was known for his Stonetone process of reproducing Black and White photography. The quality was so exceptional that he was sought out by many of the greatest photographers of the time to

do books of their work, including Irving Penn, Bruce Weber, Annie Liebowitz, Richard Avedon etc. etc. This gave me an opportunity to meet and work with these greats in the world of photography.


My final employer in NYC  was a high end Advertising and Marketing company whose clients included Donna Karan, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Con Edison, Chrysler, Pepsi and Tropicana just to name a few,  This position gave me the opportunity to further my skills by observing and helping to produce images from high end photo shoots where I was often called upon to be a back-up photographer. During this time I was even more inspired to produce my own images which I have done for the past 10 years. My work varies from Nature, Model, Editorial and creative works. My most sought-after image is the 911 Flag featured here, the story of which is quite moving.

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