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ARTIST : Laura Alberts

Time. It’s the one thing that affects not only every living thing, but also every non-living thing: no one can escape it, nothing is immune to it, yet we all wish we had more of it. For Laura Alberts, photography isn’t so much about trying to freeze or capture a moment in time, as it is to reveal how she sees the world around her. She uses photography as a means to express herself, and it’s her hope that her work evokes emotions in the viewer to look more closely at the world around them. She wants viewers to look past the obvious, and focus deeply within the photos. For Laura, dark abandoned buildings are just as beautiful as fluffy clouds and trees in nature. However, it’s the ominous stormy clouds, and lonesome twisted trees that interest her the most because they stand out against the norm, and she doesn’t want them to go unnoticed.


Whether on a photo shoot or simply exploring the outdoors, Laura shoots a wide variety of subjects (animals, landscapes, buildings, objects, people, etc.), and is just as meticulous with editing as she is taking the actual photos. She’s also a light and darkness seeker, and not afraid to take the unconventional approach. In addition to thinking about subject matter, composition, etc., it all comes down to light: what is it doing? Is it absorbed in shadow, or is it luminous, reflective, artificial, or natural? Sometimes she experiments with contrasts and tonalities to push the light and darkness factor further. Laura also uses different vantage points, extreme close-ups, and long distances to get the shot she wants. She shoots in color, however, it’s the power of black and white photography that moves her the most.


Laura has exhibited locally and has several works in private collections, and is also a member of the Port Jefferson Photography Club. On occasion at the club, she gives PowerPoint presentations and teaches subjects such as unusual vantage points, depths of field, and various lighting techniques. Laura has been interested in photography for most of her life. It started out as a casual interest, and in the last five years has developed into a full-fledged passion.

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