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ARTIST : Frances Stincone


The Walking Studio


My interest in photography began in junior high school when I became the family photographer and we sent out film to be developed at a Fotomat booth in a shopping center parking lot in Deer Park. I learned about basic photography in a black and white darkroom  class during college along with my studies in biology and psychology. I worked in research for many years and photographing cells and larger structures for research articles became part of my resume.


When I switched to the field of psychiatric social work, and agency pressures and the emotional demands of my clients grew, I found myself going to parks and beaches for long walks, as well as learning to look at these places as part of a more balanced view of life than what I was seeing in my office. Combining the research and therapy skills of observation, reflection and appreciating differences in even seemingly common things, I pursued photography in an effort to bring home and share the beauty I found in these assumed to be simple and passive places.


The Walking Studio was born from these excursions. It is a reflection of the beauty of life with its strengths and frailties, permanencies and passings, and the consistency of change that I have found to be inspirational, grounding and a fundamental part of the human existence which we all share.


Come. Enjoy the walk with me.


Frances A. Stincone

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