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ARTIST : Jim Keller

I first became interested in photography when film-based single lens reflex cameras were the norm.  It was during this early period that I decided to develop and print my own images.  For that reason, I favored shooting mostly in black and white.  A good number of my negatives from that early period remain protected, untouched, and unprinted.  Most are of landscapes and familiar, but occasionally unfamiliar, places on Long Island.  Fortunately, at least some of my negatives have been given new life by digitally scanning, refining, and printing.


After a long period from using my Olympus 35mm film camera, I recently became interested in digital photography. With an up-to-date Nikon, I had good reason to awaken early and capture the morning glow of the rising Sun.  I still favor landscapes and places that have yet to be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of daytime activity.  In addition, I also enjoy shooting abstract images hidden in plain sight. Seasonally speaking, I prefer the colorful autumn months and the starkness of a wintertime setting.

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